Ryan Blankenship

Construction & Development Manager

Ryan Blankenship is a licensed general contractor bringing over 12 years of experience with him to his role as the Construction & Development Manager for APG Capital LLC. Responsible for the overall management of development processes and construction operations on Various commercial and residential properties, he continues to use his vast knowledge and extensive experience in handling the construction operations of property development for the company and its clients.

As the Construction & Development Manager, Ryan’s responsibilities include generating business plans, identifying new and exciting opportunities, fostering solid relationships with partners, and working closely with clients to achieve countless goals. His consistent effort in the construction process leads to promising results for clients and creates a better experience for everyone involved in the many stages of development.

Before being awarded the position with the APG team, Ryan worked independently as a Property Developer, focusing primarily on custom home building throughout Central and Eastern North Carolina. He spent much of his time connecting with clients, building professional relationships, and making a name for himself as an industry expert.

When he’s not spending time handling various construction and real estate-related tasks, Ryan enjoys hanging out with loved ones and networking with like-minded business professionals. He looks forward to meeting new people who enjoy discussing construction development as much as he does! If he’s not making memories with his family or dedicating several hours to networking, you may find him off-shore fishing, attending live music events of all genres, handling heavy equipment, or even participating in the most exhilarating technical off-roading adventures. One thing about Ryan is that he’s always keeping himself busy and doing something he thoroughly enjoys, whether at work or participating in one of his many favorite hobbies.

Ryan Blankenship is also an advocate for the community and regularly participates in various outreach programs designed to help the less fortunate and support those in need of assistance in and around the area. As someone who takes great pride in lending a helping hand when needed, he’s always ready and willing to find time to participate in community programs that can genuinely make a difference in the lives of others.